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Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration, classes from 6th to 1st Year are started.

July 2010:: Primary classes are also started in Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Higher Secondary School.

Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration classes from 6th to 1st Year are going to be started.

Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration classes from 6th to 1st Year are going to be started.

Message from the Person in Chief

Garhi Sharif ( Rahim Yaar Khan) is a centre of spiritual guidance and purification which hosts the holy Mazar of Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi(R.A). Millions of people daily pay homage to the saint here and find a spiritual succour to solve their problems. The true love of the Khawaja demands that his mission of spreading knowledge should be perpetuated. He had turned this unknown hamlet into a centre excellence with his incessant love, devotion and preaching. Link a perfect Sufi, he was proud to be known as a scholar. He had such a great art of rhetoric that enabled him to convey knowledge imbued with wisdom and love. Therefore, the seekers of knowledge and tareeqah came from far off places to quench their thirst. 

After his sad demise, his descendent Khawaja Ghulam Nazak Karim (R.A) continued spreading the light of knowledge and the spirit of munificence at this Dargah. Then this effort saw it climax when his son Khawaja Ghulam Qutub Uddin Faridi became custodian of the Dargah. He let the message and mission of this centre of knowledge and wisdom known not only to the length and breadth of Pakistan but to foreign lands also.

This expansion now demands further strengthening of this centre of enlightenment for the fulfillment of the mission of public welfare in an uninterrupted and co-coordinated manner. For this purpose, Khawaja Sahib consulted various knowledgeable persons and after a long contemplation and discussion, it wad decided to set up and institute at Garhi Sharif to provide education in contemporary as well as religious disciplines. The graduates of this institute will prefect themselves both in modem knowledge and skills and traditional religious studies with balanced personalities being part of the Dargah, special emphasis will be put on character building of the learners so that they follow a disciplined life style, become a confident Muslim citizen whose life proves helpful for others. The graduates of this institute should not be emotionally skewed and bigoted rather they should possess a scholarly prestige and an ability to bring change with love and peace and should be a paragon of the beautiful teachings of the Prophet of Islam ( PBUH).

Keeping in view, these multiple aims it was decided to proceed gradually and beginning should be made with a higher secondary school that will lay foundation for an institute of higher learning near future for the realization of this mission and vision, Khawaja Muhammad Yaar higher secondary school has been lanched in April 2010 at Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Complex.
I wish felicitous completion of this project for the great cause of Islamic world.


Khawaja Ghulam Qutub Uddin Fridi
Ghari Ikhtiar Khan Sharif

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