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Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration, classes from 6th to 1st Year are started.

July 2010:: Primary classes are also started in Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Higher Secondary School.

Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration classes from 6th to 1st Year are going to be started.

Jan 2010:: In its first year of inouguration classes from 6th to 1st Year are going to be started.


Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi higher secondary school has been established keeping following aims and objectives in view:

  Combining the contemporary and religious education.

  To create a balanced human being.

  To develop such a breed who could keep the admonitioin candle lightining with
     new determination and belief.

  To save the children and youth of Millate-e-Islamia from uncertainity.

  To develop high level of self confidence, educational superiority, and dicipline.

To provide an atmoshpere free of societial evils for giving education and
     training as the education cannot effect the practical life until a training is not
     given in a special atmosphere.

Distinguished Characteristics

 A Complete Higher Secondary School
     Insitituion would be a complete higher secondary school in the area.

     Insitituion has a hostel in which all living facilities are provided to the students.

 Computer Lab
     Instituion will set up a computer lab with latest computers.

 Science Labortary
     Science Labortary with latest requirements will be set up.

     All sports facilities like PT, Drills, Indooar Games, Hockey, Cricket, Football, Attlectics etc will
     be provided for the physical education of the students.

 Extra Carricular Activities
     For the sake of improving mental and thinking capabilities of the students, nice and healthy
     traditions of extra carricular activities will be arranged. These activities include speech
     contests, knowledge contests and educational tours.

     Institution has arranged a library in which there are huge no of books on different topics.
     Undoubtedly, library plays a pivotal role in conventional and conventional study.

     Institution will awward different prizes and scholarships for intelligent and hard working      students.

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